What To Wear?

11:53 PM

The Bicol Fashion Week Wave 2 starts today! There were events that already happened earlier, like the media gathering with the Ms. Bicolandia Candidates. Too bad I cannot come because it's our exam week! Well, studies first before blogging! *wink* 

Dress and heels: Thrifted

Few days before the start of BFW, the BFW bloggers were asked about the outfits we would probably be wearing on the events of BFW. Us bloggers organized a quick shoot to respond on this! 

Because of the time constraint, I just decided to go with a simple dress and a classic black heels. Not quite sure with my styling because I just quickly prepared it after I got home from school. Got no time to even accessorize! (and fix my hair hihi) I think this style's Indie, or kind of bohemian but has a touch of classic style.  It's my first time to try it! What do you think?

Bracelet: Mel's Collection | Ring: F21

So minimalist! Just let my floral printed dress and classy chunky heels do all the talking!
Well, I think Bicol Fashion Week is a time to experiment with fashion, to wear what you want to wear with no restriction, because it's time to celebrate fashion people! The weirder, the more unique it is, the better. It's a time for us to explore and showcase our own style! 

I hope I'd also see you there with your very fash outfits! Keep updated with the BFW's events on their Facebook and Twitter! Know more about BFW on my previews blog post!


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  1. I like your shoes. Inggit ako. Ano brand? Lucky you. :)

    xx Diana

  2. IKR! Hihi. Looks so classy noh? *u* China brand eh. Got it from a thrift store in Naga. :)


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