Feel Good

9:52 AM

A feel good outfit post for my comeback. *u*
Heya guys! Missed my bangs? I mean~ missed me? Haha. I still have a lot of backlogs and my sembreak had started a week ago, so here I am trying to do some catch up.. even though I can still hear my bed calling me all the time. Hee~

Uhh~ Super duper late blog post, that you'd notice that I still have full bangs here. Hihi. So sorry for being MIA for almost a month. I just felt that I needed a lot of rest after another stressful semester. School have been stressing me out a lot lately more than you'd notice. Graduation is just a few months away! *konting kembot na lang*

Dress & Boots: Thrifted | Bag: ROMWE

 Anyhoo~ This shoot was I think before the 1st semester begun. I was thinking of a perfect picnic outfit to match my cutie pootie Romwe picnic bag! Then I came up with this denim dress, red vest, paired with brown boots and a fedora! What do you think? ;)

I think I've already shared to you guys that I have a fetish for picnic-ish bags. Hoho. So kilig I found this cutie one from Romwe for a pretty good price! ;)

Necklaces & Ring: Yen's Butingthings | Bracelet: MNG
Thrifted Boots

Sorry again for being MIA!! Hope I'll be able to blog more for the coming days. Anyhoo~ I'll be going to Manila this week. Hope I'd bump into my blog readers there. Hihi. 


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  1. cute look :))

  2. Love the photos, very film like :)

    1. It's my old lens' fault, it became very grainy. Hehe. Thanks, Julia! Glad to know that you read my blog! I really love yours! ^_^

  3. Love the juxtaposition between pink and blue! So cute :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

    1. Nice term! Hihihi. Thanks, Ate Daf!! <3


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