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It's been a while since I last blogged about anything but an outfit post. Hee~ Well, last December 7, I got so lucky to be part of the VIP list of Bjorn Manila for the Bloggers United 6. Oh, you don't know how great are the perks of being a friend of Bjorn! Haha. (You'll discover them later in this post. lol) Bjorn is just so nice, generous and one of the most down-to-earth people I know. Swear! I wouldn't really enjoy the event if it wasn't for Bjorn! Big thanks and big hug for you Bjorn! Hihi.

I was accompanied with my co-A-Fash member, Joyce Vasquez of Frances and Flair, at the BU6. So happy to be reunited with her! Sadly, I don't think we have a decent photo together inside the World Trade Center. Even with Bjorn! I think this is my only photo with Bjorn. Bjorn was so busy that day because he was also taking snaps of the fashionistas there for his project KalsadaPH. In the photo, we're with Bjorn's best friend, Carlo, the person behind WTF Happened Last Night. Pretty awesome guy!

We were the first non-exhibitors that were privileged to get inside the place before it opened. Ahh~! Thanks to Bjorn! No waiting on queue, no expense for tickets (He even gave my mom extra 2 tickets! How sweet of him!), and free pakilala to his awesome friends! Nyahaha.

And because we were the first ones in the event, we got to have a hassle-free meet and greet with our favorite bloggers! And the first blogger whom we went to? Seph Cham! Hihi. Seph and I have been an active online friends for a couple of years now, and this was just the first time we've actually met! So glad he remembered and recognized me. He's so nice and friendly. We even had a photo on his Instax (which I've already posted on my IG acct)! Can't help but to fan-girl over him! We also got to meet his new girlfriend, Trice Nagusara. Who's also so cute, and as tall as me. Hihi. I also bought a floral cap on Seph's booth (which I've worn wrongly on the above photo ugh. And oh, watch out for the photobomber too! Haha).

With Ms. Reese Lansangan! OMG when I saw her, the first thing I wanted to do was to touch her hair! Hahaha. This girl is just so awesome. One of my inspirations too. I think she can do just everything. *fan girl mode*

We also visited Bea Benedicto and Bestie K's booth. I've been a fan of their blogs for a long time now. Got inspiration on Bestie K's outfit! I didn't know that you can pair beautifully a pair of creepers on a midi skirt. :3

Aaand, I've had a second photo with Ms. Bea Benedicto. Have you seen her KFC and Skin White TVC? Hihi. Ahh~! Isn't she so pretty? *eyes sparkle*

Another gorgeous lady in the BU6, Ms. Maggie Wilson-Consunji!

Aside from taking snaps with our favorite bloggers, we also did some shopping okay? I spent a lot more than I expected. Huhu. T-T When you're already there, it's really hard not to spend too much. Awesome items are just too irresistible, especially when they're from your favorite bloggers. Haha

And what's a Bloggers United visit without buying Gelo Arucan's pins! They're just sold during BUs, so better grab the chance eh?

After a while of deliberating on which one to buy.. (haha) I bought the I BLOG; THEREFORE, I AM pin. I think they're just so witty. Haha! I really enjoyed Fabgelous' booth! So many cute items and I think, Gelo's really that fab!

Uhh~ Just bein' cool with mah bro Paul Jatayna! omg jk =)) I don't know why I'm posing like this beside Paul Highness. I think he just has this swag affect on people. lol He's just so weirdly swaggerly one of a kind awesome!

I also bumped into my high school friend, and also a blogger, Patrick Sison! He also happens to be a close friend of Ms. Dani Barreto. So yeah, I got to meet her too. She's so quirky!

And also Dani's boyfriend, Mikyle Quizon! Why a blurry photo. WHYYYYYY... *shout until fade* T-T

And time for a photo op with the top bloggers!! *eyes sparkle*
First stop, David Guison's booth! Oops, he wasn't physically present there. He was in Macau that time. Sayang, I'm already missin' David! lol

But I got to meet Hezron Peralta anyway! We've been acquainted thru the net for also a long time now. T'was great to finally meet him. ;)

Ms. Patricia Prieto with an awkward turtle. -__-

And yet another blurry photo. Ate Joyce owe me a Lissa Kahayon moment! lol

OMG tell me guys, can I pass as her baby sister? Hahaha! Some of my friends told me that I kinda look like her. But nah~ I looked like a trash beside her. Huhu. Kryz Uy's so pretty and so much more gorgeous in person. Even her body and skin's just so perfect! So petite. I envy her skinny arms. :<

And just before we left the World Trade Center,  the Vern sisters arrived! We were surprised that there were so many people who wanted to take pictures and have autographs of them. They were such a celebrity! It was kind of impossible to get through those number of people circling them.

But yeah, because of Bjorn again, we got to meet and have a photo with Verneice Enciso! She's such a doll srsly! We didn't get to have a photo with Vern anymore because it was too crowded, but it's okay because I already met her before. It was nice to see them together. They really do look alike! Hihi

So yeah, that was my first ever Bloggers United experience! I really enjoyed it like yeah. Looking forward to BU7! It has been a very lengthy post. Hope you enjoyed it. I really missed blogging. Hihi. But wait! There's a part 2. A post about the outfit I wore during this amazing event! Watch out for it! ;)


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