6:42 PM

Head-to-toe thrifted | Bag: Romwe | Bracelet: BU6, Dani Barreto
Just a quick outfit post for today! My family is still busy preparing for the holidays! Can't wait to eat~ T-T

Last week's theme of A-Fash is of course, Christmas! So I decided to wear my new favorite holiday shoes! A simple green dress with a black crop top and black tights. More black lol. Well~ if you haven't heard it yet, the status of my Christmas is uhh kind of different this year. But yeah, Christmas is about giving thanks and appreciating what you have. Spending more time with family and also a time to do soul searching. lol Right now, I just need a little breather. 
I wish you're doing too! Happy Christmas!!
xo, Jamie

Photography by Paul Echano


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  1. you look the dress
    Merry Christmas



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