The Referee

1:12 PM

Top: Thrifted | Jacket: Penshoppe | Leggings: ROMWE | Socks: F21 | Boots: Bally
A-Fash necklace personalized from Cutie Patooties
Vertical Stripe Leggings from Romwe
Black Cat Socks from Forever 21

A-Fash had gone sporty! I'm not really a sporty person. I hate sweating off *ugh* so I barely have sporty pieces like running shoes and all. So my peg for this theme, a referee! Haha no. It was unintentional! It was just that a lot of my friends told me that I look like a referee on this coordinate. Referee's still related to sports, so whatevv haha =)) I just tried to put up all the sporty pieces in my closet like a varsity top and jacket, then borrowed a snapback from James. Put on my pair Bally boots instead of sneakers. And tadah~
So what do you think about my take on sporty fashion?

Photos taken by Frances Claudine Vasquez

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