Gift-Giving with Havaianas

6:52 PM

I know I'm a little too late for this post, but as what Havaianas' tagline says, "Always Summer,"  - always fun-loving, always happy-spirited. Can my blog have the Always Christmas instead? Hihihi~ No, just kidding guys. I just really wanted to share to you the fun of the surprise Havaianas gift-giving to PAL Express passengers last December 24. 
Yes, the day before the Christmas day last year, Havaianas surprised every passenger of PAL Express with a very special gift!

They also brought Santa with them! Here's a photo of some passengers that have just touched down the land of Cam Sur, not knowing summer awaits them!
Can you guess what the lucky passengers got for Christmas..?

Uh-huh! You guessed it right! A free Havaianas pair specially packed and wrapped just for them! Lucky Havaianaticos! Wish I had a flight on that day too. T-T 
*yea just to get a Havs pair too! hee*

The day wasn't a perfect sunny day to have fun outside. The flight was even delayed because of the bad weather. 

But of course, Havaianas wouldn't let the rain stop us from living out summer everyday! It's Havaianas once again realizing the season of giving, spreading the Havaianas colors, fun and surprises!;)

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