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A little bit lengthy blog post for these pretty photos taken by my awesome brotha from anotha motha, Vincent Paul Echano! Can't decide which photos to include since it's too plenty for one blog post, but I ended up posting many anyway! Hihi.

Just before 2013 ended, my resident photographer Paul and I decided to have a photo shoot for fun, since it's beneficial for both of us anyway. Me as a fashion blogger, and him as a photo blogger. We enjoyed it to bits! The shoot was full kwento, laughs and adventures. We shot this early in the morning at the famous gimmick-an place in Naga City, the Magsaysay Avenue.

We've never thought that there were already a number of people and vehicles in the place at an early hour! We ended up shooting with people around looking weirdly at us. Mehe~ We're really weird anyway, so yeah...

I just love how my photographer friend and I discuss fashion and photoshoot themes whenever we get to talk online or even in person. So expect more shoots with him in this blog. This guy's one awesomesauce duckling. (You guys should totally check out his photoblog and click follow! He's the coolest, really!!! *u*) 

Been planning to wear this coordinate as soon as I found the awesome midriff top I'm wearing here. I'm pretty sure I've seen this on different international online shops, but I just got this at a thrift store! Awesome right?!

I've been liking the hipster style also- coinciding with my style shift. I think it's just so cool and undeniably comfy with so much attitude. I so like hand-combing my hair whenever I'm on hipster style. It's like 'yeah guys just being cool' Hahaha! /just kidding :3

If there would be such a thing like The Jamie 2.0, I'd be glad to have it this year. It would be like the braver, bolder, fiercer (lol maybe not the fiercer hihi) and stronger Jamie. 2013 had been a roller coaster ride for me. Lots of new experiences and attainments, but it kinda ended roughly tho. But yeah, maybe 2014 is my year? I just gotta make it my year.

So yes! Here's a jumpstart blog post on Spotlight on Jamie! So far, I think I'm starting my year right. Hope you're doing well with it too! Life's too short to waste your youth being scared and not taking risks. You've got to taste something that we call life. Don't let a day pass without giving yourself happiness. Because we're only young once. We only live once. #YOLO

Photography by Vincent Paul Echano


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  1. Awesome photos! :) And your waist's so nakakainggit! Haha :">

    xoxo, Sofia of A Bookworm's Closet

    1. Hee~ That's before Christmas Pia. HAHAHA

  2. So pretty and sexxxy mo girl!!!!

    Danica of http://unbreakablestyle.tumblr.com

    1. Charoughts! Hihi. Thanks, Danica girl! xo

  3. You just bought the midriff at a thrift store?! OH MY GOOOODNESSSS~ I'm so jelly :( =)))

    x, Kae Trisha ♥

    1. Yesss! We should ukay together sometime! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thifrted, Alek! *evil laugh* jk =)))

  5. this look is lovely....esp the top

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

    1. Aw thanks Shalay for constantly reading my blog!! xx

  6. These photos are awesome! As always, you get the best thrifted items :)

    Stef x steffiromero.blogspot.com x

  7. Gorge photos. I love your top!

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