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7:09 PM

Just had an unexpected shoot last Sunday with the Tumblr famous, Nick Pahati a.k.a. Nick Astig! So yeah, I am all laid back with jeans and platform sneaks. Don't even have a color on my lip! Had to meet with Nick and my fellow Bicol fashion bloggers also for the much-awaited event for the users of my first blog home ..the Tumblr Febibig Meetup!! 

Stack bracelet: Sassy Pink | Clubmaster Eyewear: hhh_onlineshop
It'll be my first time to attend any Tumblr Meet-ups, so I'm really really excited ..and pressured! D'you know why? Because I'll have my very first legit blogging talk on that day! *fireworks while my eyes sparkle* Who would know that a random Tumblogger four years ago will now be giving a talk about fashion blogging for her fellow Tumblristas? *omg*

All Tumblristas in Bicol are invited! I really hope that I'll meet you on the Febibig Meetup this February 16, 2014, 1:00pm at the Naga City Hall! Registration fee is only for Php100, inclusive of food and giveaways. *Yay for giveaways!* Please RSVP here to be included in the raffle and win exciting stuff!

Photography by Nick Pahati

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  1. hey! beautiful glasses!
    you look great!

  2. Pressured na din ako. Hahaha! *fingers crossed* Excited to meet Tumblristas na! :D

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

    KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook||Bloglovin'||Twitter||Instagram

    1. That was a really great experience! Hope to have more of thaaat... Hahaha!
      Go Bicol Fashion Bloggers!! HAHAHA


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