Fresh As A Daisy

1:50 PM

DigiPrint Jacket: Romwe | Pants: Mr. Lee | Creepers: Thrifted

“Fresh as a Daisy” - an idiom that means always alert and ready to go. As of the moment, that is what’s really needed of me. Doing and accomplishing a lot of things right now that I’ve never thought I could even handle. Thanks to Ateneo for giving me the value of Magis! Few weeks left of being an Atenean for me. *crossed fingers*

Blurred but I like it.
A-Fash’s keeping up with the Digital Print phenomenon! DigiPrint (lol it sounds like a digimon mehehe hashtag random hashtag childhood) is our theme last week. Just in time for the arrival of my new Romwe jacket! Love the forest-y feel of it. Reminds me so much of freshness that’s why I opted to pair it with a green colored pants also.

Lovin’ this top also! Isn’t it a little creepy? Yup, that’s why I like it. Haha. I also have a photo imitating the face of this baby, but decided not to post it anyway! HAHAHA

Spike bracelet from Dani Barreto’s booth on BU7
This pair’s having too much exposure on my blog...

This outfit’s kinda simple if you’d think of it. Just a tank top + jeans combo. I’m more into comfy clothes now. I’m over with fashion-sacrificing-comfort outfits. What matter most are the details you put on it. Just tie a long sleeved polo or jacket around your waist, or play with prints instead of just wearing plain colors and your outfit's now pumped up!

Photos taken by Didi Vasquez

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  1. Nice jacket! It looks great with the green pants.


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Remo!! You'd totally rock those kind of prints! Hee~

  3. beautiful and colourful!

  4. I envy the jacket! Romwe has the coolest designs evah! :D

    ♡, Didi of Frances and Flair

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  5. I like this ensemble. Colors match perfectly.
    Btw, I did follow your blog, hope you can do the same.
    Happy Blogging! =)


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