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Photo by Paul Echano
I feel like blogging today. Finally! ^o^
I've been enjoying my post-grad vacay a little bit too much! I've been on hiatus for a few weeks. And just before I leave for a two-week-or-so vacation, I just want to update my blog and leave you something, like this post ..and a giveaway! *soon!*

Photo by Nick Pahati
Spotlight updates on bullets:
  • I just graduated from college! With flying coloooors~ Haha yay! 
  • I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life after grad. Hee. I think all of us don't.. But yeah, keep moving forward! 
  • I've been in a lot of photo shoot collaborations with my old and new photographer friends! Which means I'll also be blogging a lot when I get back from vacay.
  • Oh! I will be having my out of the country vacay for the very first time! *u*
  • And that's why I'll be back in hiatus for the whole month of April... but I'll sure be back with loooots of photos to share in this blog! ;)

I hope you guys are doing well too and enjoying summer vacay like me! Keep moving forward! Even if you still don't know where you're heading at. It's better to do something than to just think and think and do nothing, right?

xo Jamie

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