Date in Daet 2014 (Day 1)

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It’s kind of weird to join a tour inside your own hometown, they say. But for me, I’ve always wanted to experience to be a tourist in my own hometown. I’ve always been proud to be a Daeteño. I’ve always been into inviting every close friend to come and visit Daet because I know Daet has a unique beauty of its own. But as a home buddy that I am, I’ve never really explored Daet that much. To share is to know right? That’s why this Date in Daet 2014 has been one of the highlights of my summer! Well, continue reading this blog post and you’ll know why!

Our first stop was at the Kapitolyo ng Camarines Norte. It has been said that this very Capitol is one of the most beautiful capitols in the Philippines!

We also went to the Museo Bulawan just beside the Kapitolyo.
 Ahh!~ I’ve always had a thing for vintage stuff! Can I just have these old typewriter and turntable? *o*

One of the most exciting part of out trip was the food stops! Hee~ Our first food stop is at my favorite milk tea shop, the KICK Milk Tea!
 I’ll admit it, I’m a fan! It’s the first tea shop in Daet, and in the province of Camarines Norte serving delectable and healthy drinks. Aside from the healthy milk tea, they also serve delicious sandwiches, Belgian waffles, pancakes, and pastries that are very affordable! My personal favorite is their Tuna sandwich and Strawberry Yakult Milk Tea (yes, Yakult!) with nata add-on! Hee~

Next stop was the very first monument of Rizal IN THE WORLD. Pretty historical, huh? Yes, we have that in Daet, too! We call this the Bantayog ni Rizal. We also have the Bantayog Festival here in Daet, celebrated every March or April annually.

Hooray for another food stop! *woot* The newly opened Bigg’s Diner here in Daet prepared lunch for us! It was my first time there. The place was epic! (Well, just like the other branches of it!) Bigg’s never fails to amaze me with their interior design and overall ambiance. They’re famous for the vintage feel inside their resto. But here in Daet, they opted for a cozy, beach vibe!
 Their food was luscious! Swear, they have the tenderest Baby Back Ribs! And hey~ look at that mouthwatering Tower Burger too!! *drool* Justly, Bigg’s is not just all good food.. it’s an experience!

After the amazing food, time for dessert! 
 We went to the Daet Food Producers Association to discover Daet famous pasalubong! Pili and pinya. We were also thought how to make a PiliPIÑA Pie! ;)

And oh yes, we were so full with all the Daet delicacies. It’s time for an adventure! Surfing time! (at least for them...) Hihi. But for the fashion bloggers and the not-so-sporty ones, it’s photo shoot time! *wink*
I’ll blog my outfit on a separate blog post. :)
 Well, maybe you’ve already seen the famous Bagasbas beach here in my blog a loooot of times already. Bagasbas beach is one of the top surfing spot here in the Philippines because they say that this beach has non-stop waves! It’s Daet’s main attraction. It’s very close to every Daeteños’ hearts, including mine! The best thing about Bagasbas is it’s free and there are a lot restaurants, bars and other establishments just near the seashore. You can also do a lot of activities there like kite surfing, skim boarding, beach volleyball, Frisbee and many more! It’s best for spontaneous picnics or random afternoon “muni-muni.” And traveling is not a problem as it’s very close to the town’s centre (centro).

It was exhausting just to be outside doing nothing because of the unbearable heat. Thanks to Kundalini Healthy Cuisine that served us their refreshing and healthy smoothies and delightful chow!
Kundalini Healthy Cuisine is a new discovery for me! Couldn’t believe that that small hidden green resto I always pass by could satisfy my stomach like that! They’re famous for their Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai noodles and fruits and vegetables smoothies. Their smoothies have malunggay. Swear I wasn’t able to taste even hint of it! Couldn’t believe healthy cuisine could taste like dreamland! And swear~ all their food and beverages are very much affordable! I seriously think they should charge us more money with that kind of cuisine. But I wish they won’t! Because I am certain I’ll be going back there not later! ;)

And you know what Daet is famous for too? Pineapples!  
Pineapple picking was a new experience for me! Hihi. Do you know that Daet has the sweetest pineapple in world? Yes! One of the things I am actually proud of as a Daeteño. 

I am telling you, Daet is a very small town that would never fail to surprise you with its simple beauty. Even a resident like me was still surprised by my little discoveries. And this is just the Day 1! Day 2 of my Date in Daet 2014 experience will be blogged soon! (Plus my OOTDs of course! *wink*)


Accommodation - pineapple island resort - daet / Pineapple Island Resort - Daet, Camarines Norte
AM Snacks - KICK Milk Tea
Lunch - Bigg's Diner Daet SM Hypermart Branch
PM Snacks - #Kundalini Healthy Cuisine
Dinner & other arrangements - Mayor Tito Sarte Sarion & LGU #Daet
Breakfast & Boat ride to Apuao Islands - LGU Mercedes
Lunch - COP
PM Snacks - Alvinos Roast, Grill & Fry
Dinner - Chef Mama
Yummy Goodies & Gift Packs - Jannah's Pasalubong
Giveaway & Prize Tshirts - Gush Shop
#Calaguas Getaway Prize - Travel and Sand

Some photos taken by Nick Pahati

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  1. Daet is such a gorgeous plaace!! Been there tooo like twice now and yes bagasbas beach is one of my fave beach heeere in PH!! Joined your site and wishing if you could doo with mine! :)

    Midnight Blues

    1. Oh! That is so nice to know!! Bagasbas is just so simple, but you'd definitely fall in love with it, right? ;)

  2. This is nicee! Looking forward for more daet posts! *u*

    Dollified Dreams


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