Febibig Meetup 2014

11:11 AM

I am catching up! So many backlogs. So lazy me... Somebody please save me from watching TV shows and Kdramas! lol I've been spending most of my summer at home because ugh, it's so freakin' hot outside, don't you think? But hey! I already have a plan to end my summer with a bang! Have you heard of the Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup @ Kaogma Festival 2014? It's going to happen this May 31st at the Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur. 
Photo from nickastig.me
So yeah, I decided to do this backlog today. My recent Tumblr Meetup, the Febibig 2014! As I've blogged before, I announced that I'd have my very first blogger talk in this event! Ahh~! It was awesome. It felt like I'm a legit blogger. lol 

I've had a talk about fashion blogging along with my lovely A-Fash sisters, Danica on Unbreakable Style and Didi of Frances and Flair. And in this photo, we're with Sam of The Clothes Freak also, A-Fash and one of the organizers of the event too! Danica talked about styling, Didi about Posing 101, and me about blogging!

(I forgot to remove my Tumblr name tag lol /Hello I'm Jamie, my Tumblr is jamielouborile! Haha/)
I wasn't able to take much photos of the event because my DSLR gave up on my on the same day. We'd spent lots of awesome years together. But maybe it's really time to say goodbye to her already. *sobs* (yes I gave my DSLR a gender lol) I was really planning to buy a new one anyway. Heh~ So yeah, I just asked my photographer friend, Jan Keifer, to take my outfit photos! Thanks Keif!

So here's what I wore. Something striking but not over the top, stylish but still comfy! In meet-ups like this, it would be nice to wear an always-ready-for-a-photograph outfit, but do not forget to make it as comfy as possible because you'd be expecting games that would require physical activities in this kind of events. 
Top: Bloggers United 6 | Shorts, Bag & Platforms: Thrifted
Hat: SM Accessories | Socks: F21
So excited for the next Tumblr meetup! Are you guys coming too? Let's end summer and have a blast together! Provincial Capitol Grounds. May 31. 1PM... Game?! ;)
Read more about the Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014 here.

Photos taken by Jan Keifer Jaim 

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  1. Good times. So excited for the meetup this coming weekend!
    P.S still waiting for your Japan blog post ~.~

    Lou of, steal-thestyle.com

    1. Haha! So many photooos on my Japan trip! Can't decide yet which ones to include in a blog post. lol
      See you in the next meetup!! ;)

    2. oo nga! we are waiting for japan! hahaha

  2. I love your outfit! And your socks are the cutes thing I've ever seen:)
    Christine G ♥

  3. It's a space and it is what you make of it. Perhaps some event organizer can't make good use of it at all, or maybe it was in some state of remodel at the time because I was pretty impressed with this plae.
    Wedding location

  4. Oh, pictures featuring happy faces are always lovely!

    You have a new follower! I would be more than happy to see you on my list as well.

    Style Nirvana

    1. Thank you! I'll check out your blog <3

  5. Hi. I just want to know, where are you studying? Hihi. And from where ka po? Bicol?

    1. Studied in Ateneo de Naga University. :) Yes, I'm from Bicol. Daet, Cam Norte to be exact! ;)


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