The Summer Feels

7:44 PM

Oh yeah, summer is on! Been crying in the corner since I got back from my out of the country vacay because of the unbearable heat! The sudden change of temperature shocked me. Haha! I can't seem to enjoy this summer that much. Summer meant break from school work for me before. But now that I finished school, summer just kept on reminding me that I am unemployed and not being productive. Heehee~ But yea, it's a start of a new month and we all should start being productive too!!!

Meanwhile, I'm having photo shoots with my friends to celebrate summer! It's time for floral clothes, floral crowns~ yes, yes, everything floral! I'm having a break to all girly clothes and challenging myself in styling. This outfit is like a confusion between being girly and being grungy. I'm kind of avoiding being too sexy with my bodycon floral dress so I decided to threw an oversized polo with it, an edgy black tights and my "Miley" creepers. Surprisingly, the combination went well! 

I'm so looking forward to more photo shoots this summer, since I'm not really a beach bum, this is my kind of fun. Hee. I'm so open for photo shoot collaborations. *wink wink*
Hope summer's all fun-fun with y'all! xo Jamie

Photography by Nick Pahati

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  1. yaay! have been waiting for your next post hihi hi jamie, from tumblr to blogspot!
    got so kilig that I was still on your blogrolls <3

    1. You're im blogspot na din, yay! *o* Well yes, you deserve to be my blogroll! Hihi. Nice to know that you still read my blog, Guennie! Thanks much! ^u^

  2. lovely photos! :)

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