When I Met You In The Summer

10:10 PM

Let's all take a long, deep breathe for this majestic photo taken by the "astig," Nick Pahati. loljk =)) 
*sigh* When I first saw this picture, I nearly cried! Hahaha. Can't believe this photo was just taken in my hometown, my favorite Bagasbas beach, to be exact! So breathtaking..

I mean, look at that awesome reflection~!!! *eyes sparkle*

This is what I wore on the first day of our Date in Daet 2014. Have you seen my post about that already? You better do if you want to know more about this beautiful place that I'm in! 

Top: DIY | Floral shorts: Forever 21 | Boots: Thrifted
I know that the first day of our Date in Daet would be an adventure. Hopping from one place to another. So I opted to wear something comfortable for me! I know, I know.. You guys would think that this outfit isn't comfortable enough, but to tell you honestly, it actually is! Not comfortable with wearing short shorts? Maybe you can pull it off with a pair of tights! Just pick a thinner one to beat the heat. Wearing tights is much comfier than wearing pants. :)

And for an adventure, a pair of combat boots would be really handy! It just looks uncomfortable and heavy, but it's not! And yes, wearing this pair paid off. Felt totally ready for our Pineapple Picking! Hihi. Imagine those thorny pineapple plants! lol 

Wasn't able to neatly finish my DIY midriff top! Sorry. Hihi. Do you want me to post a DIY tutorial of how to transform your normal tee to a midriff top? Comment if you want! ;)

Summer all over my shorts~ Got this at Forever 21 in Japan in a much cheaper price! (Gosh, Forever 21 in Japan is really cheaper than in the Ph!)

For summer adventure days, like a Date in Daet with blogger friends, you can actually wear anything you want, as long as you're comfortable with it! You must also check your itinerary first to match your outfit with the adventures you're going to do. And of course, it's summer time! Don't forget to wear your florals or even just a hint of summer bright colors for a picture-perfect adventure! ;)

Photos by Nick Pahati

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  1. Ganda ng timpla ng pictures ate jamie! :)

    1. All credits to Nick Pahati for the wonderful photos! *u*
      Thanks for the visit, Lyssa Jane! <3

  2. WOW! I mean super awesome ng shots at ng location plus ikaw pa ang model. Super WOW talaga ♥

    1. AWWWE! You're the sweetest! Thanks, Hazel Ann! <3


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