Clean & Clear: Certified Made for Teens!

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As a teenager, it's a great feeling when you know someone, or something that truly understands what you're going through. After all, being a teen is not always easy. Sure, it's an adventure especially with a barkada that will share your ups and downs. But, it can also be hassle, especially with inevitable issues like pimples, blackheads or oil skin getting in the way, right?
Lots of my friends are asking me on how do I keep my face clean and young-looking? Well, I don't actually have a secret beauty product to share to you, but the only secret about it is just to keep your face clean (always!), and use a facial cleanser that is right for you.

When Filipino teens start to get pimples, they'd probably start using the same facial wash that your moms, tita or ates use. But, did you know that their facial wash may be dry and irritating for young skin? That's because they are formulated for older skin so they may actually do more harm than good!

That's why I am so happy that there's these products that are #MadeForTeens! Clean & Clear understands that teen skin needs a different kind of caring which is why it is #TeenSkinFriendly! It uses a unique gel formula that effectively fights teen skin problems such as pimples, blackheads and oil without drying your skin, even if you use it everyday! These gel cleansers are also oil-free, perfect for our warm and humid weather!

Clean & Clear's Foaming Facial Wash has unique anti-bacterial ingredients that effectively fight your skincare scares while keeping your face #SoftNSmooth!

Clean & Clear is also #Skinergizing! Its Fruit Essentials in Energizing Berry with bursting beads gives your tired skin a much-needed boost with its sweet scent and quirky skinergizing beads.

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials in Brightening Lemon with bursting beads pops to reveal a lemony scent and beads that make your #SkinSoBright and improve overall skin tone. I've been using these products for weeks and this one is my favorite! I can really notice my face brightens whenever I use this. Plus, they really smells good and fresh!

Crop top: Social Collectives | Dress Overalls: Romwe
Because it's made for you, you can easily find Clean & Clear in top supermarkets and drugstores near you! Plus, it's affordable and definitely won't hurt your allowance! Hihi.

Clean & Clear understands that being a teen is all about enjoying your life to the fullest... YOLO! That's why they won't just stop with their #madeforteens facial skincare, they also have exciting activities and promos that can be enjoyed by you and your barkada! Visit Clean & Clear's Facebook page to get updates! And they are also inviting you to log on to - a certified #madeforteens website where yo ucan rant, rave and get to know about all things teen!

Photos taken by Sam Abiog

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  1. great post!

    from helen at

    ps. there's £250+ worth of beauty products up for grabs on my blog right now, click here!

  2. Pretty!! I really like Clean & Clear, I've been using it since I was a teen. :)

    Sam of

    1. Forgot to give you one! I'll give it to you na lang on our next shoot. Hihi. Thanks for the visit, Sam! xx


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