My Top 8 Favorite YouTubers

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My cousin introduced me to watching awesome YouTubers this summer, and I've been addicted since then. So whenever I don't have something to do (which apparently is always.. HA!), I just go to YouTube and let my favorite YouTubers entertain me. They basically make my day. So yes! I've decided to do something different today with sharing to you guys my top favorite YouTubers! Maybe you'll like them too, or idk... so here's the list! ^_^

The 2/5 of Pentatonix, Mitch and Scott. Gosh, I'm currently and officially obsessed with them! I'm a huge fan of Pentatonix, and when I found out that Mitch and Scott has their own YouTube channel, I've gone cray cray! I mean, ScöMìche are really really good singers, their humor is undeniably effortless too! Good music, great humor, endless sarcasm, pop culture updates, and love for Beyoncé! But what I love the most about them is their rainbow-colored friendship! (lol, get it?) And oh, their spontaneous harmonies are the best too! 

Who doesn't love Ryan Higa? I just think he's the funniest! He puts a lot of effort and intelligence in all of his awesome comedy-themed videos. He does crazy compositions too, like GTFO My Room and Coffee Shop Love. I just think that his creativity is out of this world. No further explanation needed.

Yes. I'm a bro! *brofists* Felix a.k.a. PewDiePie is a Swedish video game commentator on YouTube. My brother, who is also a gamer, introduced me to his videos and at first I thought that he's annoyingly noisy and boring (because I'm not really that interested to gaming). But then I decided to watch more of his videos out of curiosity and I eventually understood why he's the most subscribed YouTuber as of this moment! I can't really explain it to you by words. You have to watch him! :p

I simply like watching Miranda because she's so bootiful and talented! *uhh sarcasm* HAHA! At first look, you wouldn't believe that this girl is Colleen Ballinger, the voice coach of Ariana Grande! She posts videos of her singing in nasal, out of tune and beat while making weird faces! She also gives senseless tutorials and rants about her haters. I just think that is sooo entertaining. I love her! Ballinger is so brave to put up this character!

Bethany Mota, the beauty guru! Every shopaholic would love her. She vlogs about her beauty and fashion purchases, also called as haul. She also gives outfit ideas and cute DIY tutorials from clothing, accessories, to room organization! Of course, as a fashion enthusiast that I am, I couldn't miss every video of her! What I love about her is her coolness, a.k.a. her weirdness and endless energy! 

6. My Harto
Hannah Hart, the owner of MyHarto channel, is famous for her segment "My Drunk Kitchen." She basically makes food in her kitchen while drinking liquor. Well, what's more entertaining than watching a person do crazy things while he/she is drunk? LOL just kidding! Watch her go crazier and crazier as her video goes on! I think her channel's also educational in some ways, and Hannah's really witty.

7. JacksGap
Awwwe~ the cutest twin YouTubers, Finn and Jack Harries! Aren't they adorable? *eyes sparkle* I basically watch their channel because uhh.. they're cute. Hahaha hashtag sorry not sorry! I honestly still haven't watched lots of videos from them, but from the few that I've watched so far, I am loving them! 

I'm actually subscribed to a number of British YouTubers, but I said to myself that I really should just pick a few! So the Britt guy, Alfie Deyes, made it to my list! I really, really love listening to British accent! I think I could listen to it all day~. Haha! Alfie Deyes is a vlogger and a gamer, but I actually just watch his vlogs. I really enjoy his escapades and the fun games he plays with his co-YouTubers.

All these YouTubers are tempting me to also make a vlogging channel, but nah.. I suck at speaking. Haha!

Aaand.. that's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed this new segment "My Top List" on my blog! (Yes, I've decided this will be a thing on my blog now) So tell me if you have requests for me to blog. And if you happen to know more awesome YouTubers, feel free to suggest on the comment box! Don't forget to click Subscribe! No jk, I'm not a YouTuber. HAHA
Toodles! xx

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    1. They're so adorable riiiight!! *u*
      Thanks for visitng my blog, Rosalinda! <3

  2. have you tried watching heyclaire and clothesencounters? They're my faves!! And nigahiga's definitely on point! X

    1. Not yet. Thanks for recommending!! ^_^

  3. Try watching Zoella!! She's amazing.

    1. Yes, I watch Zoe's channel too! ;)


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