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♫ Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap 

An avid-reader friend of mine recently told me that she already misses the girly kawaii me. If you're an old reader of Spotlight on Jamie, you would know that I used to wear a lot of pinks, skirts, bows, and all that girly stuff. However, after some mood changes and a little bit of ageing, my style shifted to shades of red and black and edgy stuff.

But don't get me wrong. I still love kawaii stuff, and you would notice that I'd still put a hint of cuteness on my outfits, like kawaii socks and accessories.

So recently, I've decided to wear something girly because honestly, I'm missing it too! And I've got loads of kawaii stuff in my closet just waiting for me to get worn!

I built my outfit with this kawaii slouchy beanie from The Green Tea Enthusiast Shop that I've been obsessing with for weeks now. The GT-E Shop is run by a 17 year-old tea lover from Manila and a Tumblr blogger, Ida Siasoco. All products sold in the shop are crocheted accessories 100% handmade-with-love by Ida!

I got this beanie customized by Ida. I personally picked the design and yarn color (this one's in Artist Print) to be used with my beanie. You can have it with bows or pompoms, but I sticked with a classic type slouchie. Other than beanies, they also sell bows, scarves and cozyheads. Can't find the right design/color for you in their product list? Don't worry! You can order a custom design product by just sending a photo or description you want and have a crochet accessory no one else has!

I super love the color of the beanie because you can easily match it with lots of color that's in it! With this outfit, I chose shades of magenta.

Matched my floral top with floral socks too! Got this floral see-through socks from Japan at Copo socks store. And of course, it should be paired with a kawaii platform sneakers!

So what do you think? Should I wear more kawaii outfits more often? Let me know your thoughts on the comment box below! 

Midriff Top: Forever 21
Bandage Skirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Thrifted
Beanie: The Green Tea Enthusiast Shop
Necklace: DIY
Socks: Copo
Platform Sneakers: Thrifted

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  1. Cute! I love the bright pink skirt. Great pop of color.

    Daisy l littlekawaiidaisy

  2. U look like a barbie in this ootd , xoxo

    Followed u with GFC , wanna follow back .? Plz


    1. Awwe, thanks! That's really sweet! ^_^

  3. Pretty outfit! You look fabulous ♥


  4. love this outfit <3!! you look great !!

  5. what a sweet look and you're such a cutie!


  6. so cute outfit! :)


  7. I think that style evolution is a part of like and if you organically transitioned into something else, that's how it should be... but you do look very cute.

    Thanks for your super sweet comment, i'll take you up on your offer and follow via bloglovin :)

    xx Hélène

  8. Such a great blog design! And I love ur skirt!

    xx Mess Addicted

  9. Love the look.

    Eea P


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