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Hooray for my new and very own domain!! YAAAS~ Finally, I've decided to have my own domain after almost 4 years of blogging! And I wanna celebrate it with a BANG~! Bet you already noticed my blog site's make-over? Hihi.

I wanna thank you all guys for still supporting me and this blog. I get in to the top 100 of topblogs.com.ph like almost every week now! SO YEAH~ as giving thanks to you guys, here's the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY on my blog yet! 6 SPONSORS, 10 PRIZES, YES! Here are the lovely prizes that you'll be having a chance to win by celebrating with me in this blog site launch!

This perfect (1)"hi, i'm awkward" shirt for awkward people (like me!) from Girlfriends Shop! One of the hippest online shops I know in Bicol. They have the widest range of products, from clothes, accessories, trendiest shoes, even make ups and phones! Any girlfriends would ever need!

The second one's a sexy (2)low-back top from Nikzie Shop! One of my favorite shops based in Naga ever. They've been my blog sponsor for a long time now. They have the cheapest but still classy apparels in town. 

These two lovely shops above are currently participating a bazaar in the Magsaysay Ave., Naga City this weekend. Be sure to visit if you're in town!

You'll also be having a chance to win this pretty (3)lace dress and two cutesy earrings, (4)heart earrings and a (5)star one from Bonita y Elegante! Bonita recently had their shop re-launch and there are lots of must-have great pieces in their latest and upcoming collection! Everything sweet and classy are in their shop!

I hope that you're a bohemian too, because you'll also have a chance to win a (6)crystal necklace, (7)dreamcatcher keychain and (8)aztec bow hairclip (that I forgot to take a solo pic, but you can see it on the first photo of this post!) that are all bohemian! All from Amethyst Superb, the home of bohemian and hippie accessories! 

I've got something for beauty buffs too! Thanks to Mary Kay Phils by Andrea, you'll get a chance to win a (9)Time Wise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation too! Andrea's a very friendly independent beauty consultant of Mary Kay Philippines. You must like their page for more Mary Kay products, big sale and more giveaways!

And finally, you'll also have a chance to pick your very own customized (10)August 8 Time Capsule from Personalized Accessories! This shop's been with my blog since my Tumblr days, and they never really fail to launch new products every now and then! Their newest collection is this pretty August 8 Time Capsules. You can customize them from the plates, chains and charms! In this giveaway, you can choose up to 5 charms in your own time capsule. You can see the available charms and fantasize (or better yet order) your own August 8 Time Capsule here, as I personally enjoyed picking out charms for my own time capsule too!

ALL 10 ITEMS FOR 1 WINNER ONLY! Yaaas~ all of these for only you! (If you'll get lucky hihi) The winner will be chosen randomly. You don't have to do every single item in the mechanics below, but the more entries you have, the more chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced on October 11, 2014. This giveaway's open to my Philippines based readers only. But as my readers from the other parts of the world are slowly growing too (yeee~), I'm going to launch an international giveaway also soon!! *wink wink*

Amethyst Superb
Bonita y Elegante
Girlfriends Shop
Mary Kay Phils by Andrea
Nikzie Ciap
Personalized Accessories
Nick Pahati for helping me with my domain

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  1. I wanttttt . Ill join here promiseeeee .

  2. nice giveaway!!! i joined also
    congrats on your own domain


  3. cool giveaway! good luck! xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  4. superb giveaways!!!
    lovin your blog and i really admire it!!
    kudos to you jamie ang good luck!!!

  5. JOIN! cool giveaway.

  6. joining... :D found your blog through my FB newsfeed... congrats on having your own domain!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Congrats on your new domain! :D been following you since 2011 :)


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