Agora Magazine: Bikol's First Art x Fashion Magazine

12:44 PM

Gosh! You don't know how proud and excited I am to announce to you guys that Bikol now has its very first art and fashion magazine, The Agora Magazine!

Agora Magazine is a non-profit online magazine dedicated to become a platform for up-and-coming Bikolano artists in the fields of Photography, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Literature, Film, Visual Arts such as Painting and Illustration, Theatre, Industrial and Interior Design and other fields of creativity.

Photograph by Manzi Gomez
Makeup by Third Octavo
Founded in the first quarter of 2014, Agora Magazine was formed with the desire to showcase the best of Bikol and cultivate a sense of panache and a forward-thinking taste among homegrown talents with a local and global audience. It’s a hip market place for what’s new and who’s who in the local scene, what talent is there to discover, what ideas to unearth. The magazine is a public place, a place to be seen in. ‘Agora,’ after all, is Greek for ‘public place.’

Photography by Santy Calalay
Makeup by Nikki Betos
Featuring Martha Borja and Marvin De Alban
The maiden issue, set to be released this weekend as the September issue is a preview of things and shapes to come—and will be called ‘The Paper Issue.’ Harking back to its primordial roots, the online magazine looks into the paper as a weapon, as a tool, as a means for expressing creativity, and as the translated ‘papel’, we look into the roles we play in cultivating Bikol Art into a global, social community of acquired tastes. Photographers, Writers, Makeup Artists, Fashion Stylists, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, and Illustrators give us their takes on this theme for the maiden issue.

Photograph by Allan Camata
Agora Magazine is a tri-monthly magazine and accepts contributions in the form of Feature Articles, Fashion and Beauty Editorials, Photo Journals, Illustrations and Art Installations, Essays and Critiques and themes vary at every issue. 

For press-related inquiries and comments, please email them at

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