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So this happened . . .
I got invited by my Alma Mater, Ateneo de Naga University, to give a talk about blogging on this semester's Alternative Class Program (ACP)!!! Who would've thought? (C_C) I can still remember when I was still in college, I told myself that I want to be an ACP speaker on my alma mater too, and I'll sure make that happen someday! I just never thought it would be this soon! *i cri~ tears of joy*

The theme of this semester's ACP is "The Quest for Magis." Ergo, the title of my topic is "The Quest for Magis in the World of Blogging." As an Atenean, the word MAGIS should always and forever be in your vocabulary. It's a Latin word that means "more." It's the desire to grow, to do more or to do better. With this, I focused my talk into making my participants realize that blogging is something that they can do to actualize magis in their lives as a student. Because that's what I did too! :)

I started blogging four years ago, when I was in my first year in college. Basically, I started and grew as a fashion blogger while I'm in college. It has been a big part of my college life, but never have been a hindrance in my studies. I was able to do blogging while doing a lot of things, and still excelling in my studies! Besides, it even made my college life more productive. And honestly, I've really improved my writing and communication skills through this little space here. ^_^

Supposedly, the topic will be shared by me and my co-blogger, Ms. Apple Allison Perez of solesearchingsoul.com. She's supposed to talk about blogging (generally), using blogging in your advocacies and earning in blogging. But unfortunately, Ms. Apple isn't feeling well that day! So I apologize to the participants if I solely focused my talk into fashion blogging! (・_・ヾ

I knew that most of my participants will be newbie or still aspiring bloggers so I started my talk with discussing how to start a blog. Choosing a blogging platform, choosing a blog name, making a blog layout, creating your content and photos and more branding stuff. For the fun part, I taught my attendees some blogger poses! Thanks to these lovely and awesome attendees for actively participating! HUHU~

I gave a title to each blogger poses. Some are The Itchy Head, The 'There's Something on The Floor' pose, The Fixer, The Twirl, The 'I Stepped on Something' pose, The Straight and Tilt, The Walk, and The Look Away. 

Can you guess which pose are they doing?
I even made these five cool guys (on the right photo) imitate A-Fash boys' blogger poses! *LOL* Spot the difference. I spot 3! (。≍ฺ‿ฺ≍ฺ)

I also discussed about online marketing *which I think is the most important thing!* and more blogging tips!

Look at my very attentive participants *jyeah* and their smiles while listening to my talk! Hihi. I was even surprised that my morning and afternoon sessions almost got full! Thank God, my topic didn't get dissolved. HAHA

After the talk, it's time for some class picture! HAHA. I told them to do blogger poses. Some aren't listening! HAHA JK Maybe their pegs are just all smiles and doing nothing. That can do too! Hahaha 

And some attendees asked to have a photo opp with me! Artista lang ang peg, oh. HAHA

Goofing off with my co-A-Fash member, Kae! Hihi. Thanks to my other A-Fash babies for attending! Ellon, Dain and Don. (Click their names to view their blogs too!) I really appreciate your support! HUHU~

Don even blogged about his experience in my talk! And oh, the amazing photo up there is made by him also. Thanks for all the kind words, Don! I really appreciate it. CLICK HERE to know what I'm talking about! Browse through his blog too because his blog and photos are amazing! ^_^

And the plaque of appreciation... HUHU~ Thank you so much my lovey dovey Ateneo de Naga University for having me! A dream come true indeed. And I'm so happy to hear lots of positive responses from my talk. Thank you for attending, my participants! I really hope you guys enjoyed and learned a thing or two! Hihi. And thank you also to my two topic heads who assisted me (and brought my heavy bags *sorry!*) the whole day! For more photos from this talk, click here. I'll blog about my OOTD on a separate post! ^_^

Thanks to Paul Echano for taking these photos!

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  1. Aw. I feel even worse to have missed this one. All the fun and the learning. Huhu

  2. Great class :)


  3. Wow congratulations, that's amazing! I find it difficult to speak in front of an audience and I admire people like you who can do it with such ease :)

    Bella Pummarola

  4. That's so freaking awesome!!! congrats hun!



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