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8:36 PM

Thank God for the chilly days here in the Philippines! I get giddy every time the rainy days here in our country is coming because its the only time when you can put up your cozy sweaters and layer clothes. But if you're always in an air-conditioned environment, lucky you! That doesn't apply to you.

Well, thanks to Nick Pahati too for allowing me to bother him for a very quick photo shoot last week when I visited Naga for some errands. This was shot at a park in Naga that I don't know the name of. There was a mini skate park and swings that I enjoyed. Some photos actually looked like I'm in Baguio for some reasons. Mehe~

I always adore it when Nick takes my photos because he uses wide-angled lens in his shoots. I'm also dreaming to buy one because it makes my legs look longer *hihi* and I think the photos it captures are really interesting, like the photo above!

The day decided to bring up the clouds and have the temperature lower than the usual here in the Philippines. So I decided to wear something cozy and comfy. 

I've had this rad digi-print sweatshirt from Romwe months ago, and I've finally had a chance to wear it! The bag I'm wearing in this outfit is from Romwe too.

Decided to keep my accessorizing simple. I'm wearing my super stylish EmiJay Hairtie from House of K/Girlfriends Shop too! (Sorry if it's not decently shown in the photo. I'll post more of this on my IG!) Have you always had an experience of losing every single hairtie you have by misplacing it? Well, you can just wear it on your wrist to keep it from disappearing, right? But that doesn't really look that stylish. Well, worry no more because EmiJay hairties are here! Say bye-bye to your ugly hairties and say hello to this snazzy EmiJay Hairtie you can wear anytime, anywhere! You can order your at House of K! Only for P90/set (5pcs)!

Hope you're having a snug cuddle weather out there too! 

Hey, BTW! I'll be in the SM Youth loves A-Fash event this coming September 19! Hang out with us and be part of our fashion consultation as we feature the latest shirts of Tee Culture! The SM Youth Bus will be at the SM City Naga from September 12 until September 21. See more details hereDon't forget to drop by if you're in town! 

And I'll be having a CLOSET SALE in our house starting tomorrow! I'll be posting the details on my Facebook page. I might sell some online too! Keep updated. xo

Sweatshirt: Romwe
Jeans: Lee
Boots: Thrifted
Backpack: Romwe
EmiJay Hairtie: House of K

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  2. Nasa Civic center ka hihi ;) Love the photos! ^_^

    Pam of Style Escapades

  3. I love your look, your smile is so pretty. Make up tutorial maybe?

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  4. Another outfit that I'm loving! :) Pampanga is always so gloomy too.. hate rainy season.. Ihihi!

    Qing's Style

  5. great outfit and pics

  6. The bracelet is cute!

  7. Such a cool outfit, love the floral sweather!
    x Sandra

  8. Great outfit , I love the jumper !!! :)

    Visit my blog and if you could follow , becouse I followed you :

  9. Japan is really cool place, and I hope to visit Tokyo next year. Good post :)

  10. Such a nice outfit, love the floral print jumper and those shoes.

    Eea P


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