Osaka Japan April 2014 (Universal Studios Japan)

11:11 AM

Obligatory photo at the Universal Studios Globe Fountain! ^_^

So today.. I'm going to bring you to Universal Studios Japan~!!! ..but before the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening! (yea, boo for that, right?!) Because unfortunately, it's still not open when we visited USJ last April. And yes, I'm still not done with my Japan April 2014 series! Haha. I've been back to Japan this month, and yet, I'm still not done with this. So yeah, to keep up, I'll keep this post short. More like a photo-diary with short description? Hihi. So let's start, shall we? *wink*

Pigeon says: "Jamie's using a prime lens in these photos so please excuse the tight framing! And it's not allowed to take pictures inside the attractions, so you'll be just enjoying photos from the outside of the rides in this post. Quack! Oops, I don't quack..."

Our first roller-coaster ride! This one's one of my favorite. Seeing the space while having adrenaline because of the ride is such an awesome and magical experience!

New York feels! 

Felt like I'm in the set of HIMYM on these streets. lol

Terminator 2 in 3D was awesome too! I really enjoyed the energetic actors playing their roles in the Terminator movie. Though, I cannot understand anything in the story because it's all in Japanese! Haha. This is really thrilling and surprising, especially the explosion part!

Street performers show up out of nowhere! So fun to watch, even though I don't understand what they were singing. Mehe~

Style spotting right here. Ugh, so stylish Japanese people even in the back view! lol

Inside the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. So many vintage stuffff~! One of the best rides in the USJ too! Imagine falling off the building and being saved by Spidey! Hihihi

This taxi! OMG I wish I had my picture taken in this vintage taxi too~

Snoopy for snack, anyone?

We also rode Jaws, but I don't have much photos because they're so strict with no photo policy huhu. I also got to bump into the legend Jet Pangan there! Our photo is on my Instagram! Haha

Our last ride. We got really wet in this ride! Haha

You cannot not have a photo of Mel's Drive whenever you visit Universal Studios! ^_^

Sunset in the USJ..

We were also lucky to catch the Magical Starlight Parade at night! Hello there Hello Kitty! That is not a cat!

And oh, Cinderella! It was really magical! My eyes were sparkling all night! Hihi

USJ sparkles at night to end this post! Hope you enjoyed my photos! More, more, more Japan trip photos soon! ^_^

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  1. I like this travel post!! Very Tricia Gosingtain with all the buildings and signs. I really love Tricia G so I am loving this post right now. :)

    1. WOW! Thanks for that compliment! Feels good to be compared with her. I'm a huge fan too! Hihi. :">

  2. Ahhh Japan! Hoping to see you someday! Your photos were all beautifully shot!

    Janine | Lime & Life

  3. This looks amazing! I'm sure you had loads of fun.


  4. The place looks amazing

  5. Amazing!!!!!


  6. How I missed USJ! I badly want to come back because of WW of HP too!

    Super love your blog!


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