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Yay! I’m back on my blog! With these super rad photos taken by THE Nick Pahati of! We’ve had this shoot last month at the abandoned airport here in my hometown, Daet, along with my blogger friends, Didi, Lou and Sam.

I am absolutely loving my look here. Transformation, they say? All of my friends got all weird out on my dark lip color (thanks Lou for letting me borrow your lippies btw hee). But I love it! This is so on my wish list this Christmas! Any dark shades like maroon, plum, or even black!

Speaking of Christmas… OMG! Swear I didn’t saw it coming. Haha. I’m starting to think that I’m getting old for Christmas. I’m running out of reasons to get excited for it. No gifts and money from my ninongs and ninangs anymore! lol but I think I just need to make myself realize what the true meaning of Christmas is. I know you do need that too! Hihihihihi

Back to the outfit! My blogger friends, Didi, Lou and I decided to have an all black outfit shoot, and this is what I came up with. Hello to my grungy self again! Addicted to wearing midriffs and high-waist bottoms lately. I’m so in favor with this trend. It’s making me look taller (somehow). Hihi

Totally diggin' this Holographic Bag I got from ROMWE! OMG The fabric itself is shouting awesomeness! Feels like I'm in the future. I can't even explain it into words. Hahaha. I'm also so glad that I got to pair it with my Gangster Midriff Top with the same holographic print! How awesome is that?!

Sorry for being on hiatus, by the way. Update on my life: I’m finally applying for a job! After months of vacation and making time to my hobbies. Finally. Wish me luck that I’ll get to work already by the start of the year 2015, because I’m in the borderline of being broke! Just kidding, but srsly.

 On that note, I guess I’ll not be that active on Spotlight on Jamie like before (used to post once to twice a week). Honestly, I still have a lot of backlogs. (Ugh, I srsly need to work on that while I still have the time) *excuse me while I talk to myself* But I’ll still try my best to make time for this! Because this is really something I love doing. And I love that I still receive random love messages from readers saying that they love my blog and I get to inspire them to do the same thing. Every word of appreciation from you guys is just priceless. From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Midriff Top: Forever 21, Japan
High-Waist Pants: MURUA
Chunky Heel Boots: Thrifted
Hologram Backpack: Romwe
French Painter Beret: KawaiiYen Shop
Chokers: Living Eighteen
Eyewear: Tokyo Bay

Photography by Nick Pahati

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  1. Rad look. :) Been obsess with this kind of look.

    Qing's Style

  2. Cool! Love this outfit! <3
    Merry Christmas Jamie!


  3. Gorgeous! I knew drawstrings were coming back in fashion! I'm gonna be all over that!

  4. Just popping by to wish you the best of 2015! Love your outfit & you look absolutely stunning, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven


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