CaLee Shoppe Boutique Showroom

3:33 AM

Hooray for a new to-go-to shopping boutique here in Naga! CaLee Shoppe Boutique Showroom just opened last March 14 to bring you Bicol's most favorite online stores at hand!

Isn't it nice to have your most adored online shops to be in an actual *physical* store? Say bye-bye to your feeling of hesitation of shopping online because you might get the wrong size! CaLee Shoppe Boutique Showroom offers you seven (if I am not mistaken) of your favorite Bicol online shops in just one store! 

You also don't have to wait for the schedules of the bazaars here in Naga anymore because CaLee Shoppe Boutique Showroom can be accessed easily now along Panganiban Drive!

I am so loving the interior of this cutesy boutique. This quote is so true! I wanna have this in my room. Oh oh Coco Chanel~!

Three if my generous sponsors are here! La Belle Fille, Bonita y Elegante and of course, CaLee Shoppe.

Other shops that are in showroom too are Classy Fabsis, Bags and Blings, Crafts Attack and Variety ShopLove.

This boutique’s products are not just limited to clothes, but also basically what all your fashionista girlfriends would look for! They also have bags, shoes, accessories, cutesy crafts and also flash tattoos!

Torn between these two pink shirts! (It has to be pink, of course! :p) I ended up getting the plain one because I was eyeing on this for a long time on Instagram now! And Didi got the other one with the ice cream print! Both from La Belle Fille.

I'm eyeing on this houndstooth top too! I'm such a sucker for this print! *insert gigil emoji here*

I can already imagine myself going here constantly for new clothes! Get ready, my wallet! CaLee Shoppe Boutique Showroom is located at Door 2, Pavilion 6, Panganiban Drive, Naga City (in front of NSO). For more information you can visit CaLee Shoppe's Facebook page.

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