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9:07 AM

Another shop to love! I came across this shop a few years back, and I got to be honest, I've kept on coming back to this shop to browse my faves and be amazed on how affordable their products are! I am even subscribed to their emailing list until now.

Dresslink.com supply the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies' apparel internationally. They understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so they are always adding beautiful new styles to their collection. They pride on offering exceptional low price but good quality at the same time. They provide fantastic service and still work hard to improve.

I'm so excited to share to you guys my top picks from the shop! You can click each photo to see more details about the product.

I'm such a sucker for leather backpacks! Currently, I have 3 of this in different colors, and I think another addition to my bag rack wouldn't hurt! This costs only $6.22 on their shop.

Also if they would be this adorable! 

Blazer/coats have been a very much needed piece in my wardrobe now, as I've started on my corporate job. So this one is also on my wish list. This specific piece is something you can wear to look corporate and fashionable at the same time! You can grab this for just less than 10 dollars!

Adding this classy bag on the item above on my corporate look would really be perfect for power dressing!

This cardigan's really cute to ignore! You can be sexy and cute on this at the same time!

Who doesn't need a $5.76 cat bag in their lives?! I know I do! Who cannot say no with their cute and grumpy faces?!

And a coin purse is much needed too!

This so unique fox bag is pretty irresistible too at $5.53!

I already have these two on blacks. But white! It's another story.

This has been a very long list and I can't stop adding more! DressLink is the shop to go to for cheap, unique and adorable pieces you can never say no to. You can actually see same products from more popular online shops but Dresslink's prices are nothing to compare! 

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