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So much of a lazy blogger... Blogging Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014! *on my excuse,  my cheeks were chubby last summer so I was not really inspired to blog this HAHA*

Last year's TSEM was all about the carnival feels! 

I was initially pegging Chichay from Got To Believe teleserye here because I was a big fan back then. Haha! But ended up with this modern bohemian look anyway. Check out my OOTD for last year's TSEM2014~

Boho style is not just about wearing flowy outfits and maxi skirts. You can also incorporate it in your outfits with just mixing and matching earth color clothes and adding up bohemian touch like feathers, arm candies, and more feathers!

Tumblr meetup had been always fun for me. Meeting strangers that may seem like your long lost friends with the same coolness as you *because all Tumblristas are cool /duh*~

There are also a lot of different fun activities each year, and themes to watch out!

..and foods to feed your tummy and your Instagram too!

I am actually blogging this because the most awaited Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2015 will be finally tumblring tomorrow!!! This May 27th, Wednesday at 12nn, happening at CamSur Water Sports Complex (CWC).

Catch your favorite artists Lei Melendres of i am leight and Kerby Rosanes of Sketchy Stories do a Live Doodle Art Mural together with local doodle artists! Above photo is the actual teaser of Leight and Sketchy Stories collaboration. This is really exciting~!!!

More information about this most awaited summer-ender and the-reason-why-you-should-get-away-from-your-screens-to-finally-enjoy-summer event can be found in this link.

You can also follow Tumblr Bicol in Instagram: @tumblrbicol
And check out the official hashtag: #TSEM2015

It's still not to late to decide to go! Hope to see you there!!!

Photos by Paul Echano

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