Style At Sixes And Sevens

4:34 AM

Work by the magnificent Paul Echano

The video alone is enough to showcase the outfit, but I'm still gonna talk about it anyway! ..with amazing photos by the one and only Paully again.

My style has been confused as ever since I bid goodbye to my tutus and skater skirts. It lacked definition and I think that's okay. Like finding your own personality in real life IS OKAY. 

See, fashion is an expression - to show who you are and what you like. Be free to wear whatever you want, and let others be like that too. And the world would be a much better place...

..and I bet I'm totally not making sense to you right now. HAHAHA. Effects of blogging this at 3AM? Life reflections, life it is... Oh, just let me proceed with the outfit details! :p

Based my outfit on this top from La Belle Fille. Love that you can still feel the summer vibe even though I'm pairing this with other confusing items.. this leather shorts! I've been meaning to wear this shorts for like forever. So yeah, that's the reason behind it. 

It's the season of running shoes! I'll admit it, I'm such a fraud. I don't really run, just having this for fashion purposes. Well, admit it! Lot's of you guys had been buying running shoes as well but had worn it just one time for its main purpose!! Admit ittt~ It's just me? Oh, okay then.....

Battle of cuteness and edginess. Thrifted Cap and Cross Ring from F21.

It's been a while since I last blogged an outfit post! I hope you did enjoy this one.

News! You can now catch La Belle Fille at Classy La Belle Boutique located at Arana St., Corner J. Hernandez Ave, Sta. Cruz, Naga City (Near UNC & Police station). Open every Monday-Saturday. Shopping hours at 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Also cehck out - it helps men to learn how to dress better so they can reap the life-changing benefits!


Top: La Belle Fille
Shorts: H&M
Socks: Copo Japan
Shoes: Thrifted
Cap: Thrifted
Ring: Forever 21
Lipstick: Wet&Wild

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