Hav A Splash of Color!

5:53 AM

Oh hey! Are you already missing me on this blog? I really apologize for my inactiveness on this page. It has been this way since I started working on my corporate job. Aside from working my butt off to pay my rent, it also requires me to be awake at night and get my most wanted sleep in the morning, which is by the way really really hard to get used to. It's been almost 6 months now, and I'm still struggling with it. My extra hours that are used to be spent on shoots and blogging are now majorly spent on sleeping.

Thank God for a long weekend and many people who reminded me that there are still people who get to be inspired by this blog, who made me realize that what I'm doing actually makes sense to them, that Spotlight on Jamie matters.

I just celebrated my 22nd birthday last Friday *wooh! and yes I'm feelin' like TayTay right now* lol. And a lot of people extended their appreciation to Spotlight on Jamie on their greetings. Said I somehow inspired them and what I'm doing actually helped them. That is just one of the greatest feelings on earth! And I realized I need to get back on my track! 

However gloomy my life would be right now, there are still things that could spark up life, like the words of my avid readers. And also like this Limited Edition Color-Changing Havaianas Umbrella!

After some days of experiencing 35°C, everyone's really looking forward for the raindrops to finally fall. And just in time for the rainy season, Havaianas is coming out with a colorful rainy day essential. What's new with this umbrella? Well, this Limited Edition Havaianas Umbrella features color-changing rain drop prints! The umbrella is printed with a special ink which changes from white to a variety of colors after water contact. 

See photos above? The droplet prints changes from white to happy colors of your life with simple drops of rain or any contact with water. How amazing is that?!

Choose from two colors (Navy Blue and Pink) and be fashion-ready this rainy season. Avail of this umbrella for only Php 220 with a minimum single-receipt purchase of 2 regular-priced pairs or Php 1,500 worth of Havaianas merchandise. Promo is valid from July 1 - July 31, 2015 and available at All Flip-Flops and participating retailers nationwide.

Don't let the rain bring you down again! Now, you can have a colorful day even with rain! Thanks to this Limited Edition Havainas Color-Changing Umbrella!

 Matching my cutesy pink umbrella with my recent buy from Dresslink.com! I've been waiting so hard to get my hands on this messanger bag. The size is just right, adorbs color and it's very cheap!

Got this bag for $5.07 only. Click here to buy the same item

Getting back to my girly self with this overalls form Romwe, and adding up sparkles with my Star Dust Necklace from Amethyst Superb.

Reviving my boots days too this rainy season!

 And that's a whole blog entry. Wow! I really missed blogging! Thank you my lovely readers for still staying with me all through these years. Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Photos by James Percil

Top: H&M
Overalls: Romwe
Boots: Bally (Thrifted)
Bag: Dresslink
Necklace: Amethyst Superb
Umbrella: Havaianas

For information about this Havaianas Color-changing Umbrella, follow HavaianasPhilippines on Facebook and @havaianasphils on Twitter and Instagram. Per DTI- FTEB SPD Permit No. 5500 Series of 2015

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