It Mustard Been Love

6:57 PM

A quick outfit post to catch up with my backlogs! Since I’m currently missing my brother who lives in Japan now, I’ve decided to post something related to him. Well… the cap that I’m using here belongs to my brother, and I actually managed him to take this OOTD as well! Brother gave me some annoyed and irritated looks of course, haha but yea, thanks for these 6 decent photos (well actually 4, because I took the 2 shoefie)! Hee~

Too much for a backlog… these photos were captured almost a year ago. Taken while my brother and I were waiting for our parents doing some errands in Japan. Just a random street in Japan, but still background-worthy!

Fly! Like the bird on my shirt! I’m so lovin’ this kind of sweater. So comfy and easy to move around with.

Wearing my favorite mustard skort, which I don’t actually know where is now. Too much moving of things ever since last year. Speaking of moving of things… I will be moving back to my hometown again, Daet, because I just recently resigned at my job here in Naga City. Got tired. Not much sleep. Cannot blog. But mostly the last part. Hihihihihihi just kidding~

 Leather sneakers from Forever 21, where I got really devastated when I discovered that this was much cheaper in Japan! Got it a day before we left Manila huhu~

 Ooh! I’m feeling so productive than ever! This is my third blog post this week! Hihi. I really missed you guys. Hope you missed visiting this bloggidie blog as well! What do you think about this outfit? Please share me your thoughts below on the comment box! I miss your comments!

Top & skirt: Thrifted
Socks: Copo
Sneakers: Forever 21


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  1. The skirt is such a pretty color and looks great with the whole outfit♥

    Mishs Diary


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