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Have you ever fell in love to a café that you've decided to live in it if given a chance? If you had already visited the Anthosia Café, the thought had probably occurred to you, am I right?

Anthosia Café is by far the most artsy cafe I've been to in Naga City. Its love for art, especially by Bicolano artists, is beyond a shadow of a doubt. 

The Bicol Bloggers were invited by the Anthosia Cafe to the opening of their new place and also a celebration of their first year anniversary! They just recently moved to a new and bigger place to accommodate more customers, which I think is a really great decision for them because they really do have a lot of patrons now. And bigger place, means more room for art! Art! Art! Aaaaart!!!

Every now and then, they feature Bicolano artists to exhibit their creations in the cafe. This moments' spotlight is on Ms. Olga Villanueva, whom I was really lucky to meet that night! Ms. O is a very, VERY talented creature when it comes to photography. I can't even believe that I've just heard about her that night. Her photos just tells a lot of stories in a glance. I so love how she does her double exposure photos. Photography goals! If you're curious with what I mean, visit!

Occasionally, they also feature Bicolano musicians in what they call the Bonifacio Mural Sessions, where Bicolanos are welcome to sing their originally composed songs in the cafe. Ahh~! I just love the idea! Such a small, yet big move for our local artists and musicians to showcase and be more motivated to continue and even grow their gift of music.

 The cafe itself is an artwork. One of the things I love while hanging out in this cafe is rummaging through their art displays. They have a lot of interesting books! And vintage stuff! Vintage cameras! That I really, really, really want to put in my bag. Hahaha. (Just kidding. Please still invite me to your events, Anthosia! lol)

But Anthosia will not just feed your thirsty-for-art mind, but also your hungry tummy!
Another nice thing about Anthosia Café is they are very into the little thing called love, that they also named and even shaped most of their food love-related!

Like this heart-shaped pizza they have called Pan de OriangThat you have a privilege to slice yourself! I happen to have a lot of single friends I was eating with that time, so yeah ..this happened! It's nice that you can also de-stress before you can even eat! Haha.

Anthosia also is the only place where you can buy (from left to right, top to bottom) Pag-ibig, Pagmamahal and Happy. I so love it whenever I order... "Ate, pa-order naman po ng pag-ibig." Haha FUN! *everything is a must-try! but I personally recommend Happy*

For coffee lovers, one of their bests are Kape Elsa (Espresso + Milk + Caramel) and Kape Senyorita (Espresso + Chocolate Milk + Macadamia). I love both!

For pastas, they have Hijo de Pasta, which is served with meatballs and fresh tomato sauce! I so love pastas with fresh tomato sauce!

Maria Pasta Suplada with black olives, basil and tangy red sauce. 

Tinapanudels. Yes, the spelling! Haha. A pasta with Tinapa or smoked fish in english, flakes, herbs and olive oil.

Halik Mo Lang, which is their burger. Tastes good as a kiss, I guess? Haha

Patatas Pa More. When you finish it, you'll really gonna say "Patatas Pa More!"

Good food pa more! Love pa more! And art pa more! You'll definitely get it from Anthosia Café! Visit their new branch at Taal Avenue, Naga City beside Krypton Grill.

Food: 9/10
Location: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Atmosphere: 10/10


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1-5pm at the Avenue Square Convention Plaza, Naga City! Organized by Bicol Bloggers and Co- presented by Bigg's Diner. With special guest YouTube Star Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Phone Photography talk with RV Panambo. Live Performances! Meet and Greet! Photo Contest! IG Seller Bazaar! Raffle and Games! Win Prizes from Que Pasa Naga, Havaianas and many more!


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