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Avenue Plaza Hotel, known as the 1st-class and best hotel to stay in Naga as per TripAdvisor, is also 1st-class on their culinary creations at their Café Plazuela. My co-Bicol Bloggers and I are very fortunate to get invited by the Avenue Plaza Hotel to have an exclusive Chef's Table event to try out Café Plazuela's newly revamped menu last weekend!

Fine dining at its finest. The Café Plazuela of the Avenue Plaza Hotel has been the home of the best culinary creations in Naga for years. It is perfect for the people who long for local and international flavours. Café Plazuela never fails to fulfill the cravings of the Bicolanos and people around the globe who visits the Avenue Plaza Hotel. 

Feel the class and sophistication in Café Plazuela’s interior.

Expect spectacular craving satisfaction in the Café Plazuela as they bring you world-class taste buds experience with Chef Rudy V. Velasco and Chef Paul A. Oraa’s remarkable culinary creations.

Chef Rudy Velasco, before being the Executive Chef of Café Plazuela, has first been an executive chef of Century Park Sheraton Hotel in Manila. He had various awards and recognitions for this exceptional work in the industry, including Gold Awards in Seafood Platter and Meat Platter, Silver Award in National Cold Display Competition in the 8th FHA International Salon Culinaire in 1992, and many more! His experience and expertise indeed brought fresh and refined flavours to Café Plazuela.

Chef Paul Oraa, on the other hand, is the Café Plazuela’s Pastry Chef. A multi-year veteran in international, high-end, pastry production whose career started in Aboard Luxury Vessels where, for 12 years, he refined his craft of pastry culinary preparations for the ship’s discerning passengers. He indeed satisfied our sweet tooth’s craving.

Let's take a look at their outstanding culinary creations! Cold Entrées first!
Cold Cuts Harmony
This is a beautiful medley of smoked ham, salami, lyoner on mesclun lettuce served with horseraddish mustard sauce.

Scottish Smoked Salmon Melba
A thin sliced smoked salmon with baby green salad serves with capers, lemon wedge and toast melba.

Now with hot entrées!
Gambas Ala Venetian
These are garlic olive oil marinated prawns, sauces in light spicy tomato concasse with basil.

Luxurious Crab Louis
This beautiful-looking salad is a crabmeat and mango salad infused in this crepes served with cocktail sauce.

The Classic Ceasar Salad
Iceberg and romaine lettuce tossed in ceasar salad dressing served with garlic croutons, anchovy fillet, crispy bacon and shaved parmesan cheese.

I failed to have a decent photo of their soups, but they have an Orange Scented Florentine Pureed with Chantily Cream and Roasted Almond Nuts Float, which I had really enjoyed. Flavourful and a very classy soup with almonds! They also have a Chicken essence with Coriander Quenelles and Quail Egg.

From the grill...
Australian Tenderloin Steak
My favorite! A luscious party-in-the-mouth tenderloin steak, which you can have your personal choice of Starch (Potato Mousselie, Baked Potato, Lyonnaise Potato, Steamed Jasmine Rice and Risi Bisi) and Sauce (Peppercorn Sauce, Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Shallot Sauce and Red Wine Sauce).

Pan-seared Chicken Supreme
Mango stuffed chicken breast with Martini Apricot glaze served with green rice and sautèed vegetable.

For fish and shellfish...
 Seafoods Medley 
A combination of prawns, salmon and mackerel fillet infused in thin crepes served with jasmine rice and vegetable julienne. 

 And my favorite part, dessert!
Green Tea Souffle with Crystallized Oranges
Delightfully light tea flavored custard which was oven baked with orange segments.

 Cappuccino Chocolate Cheesecake
Rich, smooth and tangy combination of cream cheese and Irish coffee served with strawberry coulis.

Exotic Fruit Gratin
Exotic is the best word to describe it! This is not your ordinary dessert, I'd call it an experience. Fresh in season fruits on a bed of crepe gratinated with Grand Marnier Sabayon accompanied with Strawberry ice cream. This reminded me of a dish/dessert I've experienced in Japan.

Dining at Café Plazuela is such an experience. Overall, I'm giving this experience a 9.5/10! Food is excellent. Some are really new to my palette, but everything taste delish and expensive. Just perfect and fair for its price. Café Plazuela is something to look forward to and a must-try. 
Food: 9.5/10
Service: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Atmosphere: 10/10

If you're planning to experience fine dining at its finest too, this month a really good time!
Café Plazuela will be launching their latest culinary offers this September 8, 2015! They're located at the Avenue Plaza Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.

For queries and reservations, please call (63 54) 473 9999 or (63 02) 250 8088.

Photos by me and Nick Pahati

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