Hike At Mount Takao

9:16 AM

A photodump blog post about my recent hiking trip to Mount Takao. Apparently, this is my only decent photo on the trip so you'll just enjoy nature views in this post. Also, outfit not ready for the hike, so I was not able to take OOTDs. heh~ But I know you guys will enjoy these photos I took during my hike. I missed photography!

Mount Takao (高尾山, Takaosan) is one of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo.

It takes just about an hour train ride from Shinjuku via Keio Line, making it so convenient to foreigner and local tourist to enjoy a refreshing nature escapade in just a single day trip.

You can climb the top of Mount Takao in just 90minutes. And apparently, we had taken the easiest trail, which was really convenient for me because I'm not a hiking trip kind of a girl. I mainly joined this trip for photography opportunities! Haha.

Surprisingly, I really did enjoy the trip. The course was very easy. With a nice chitchat and laughs with your friends while hiking, you wouldn't really feel much exhaustion.

Most of the paths in the easiest trail is cemented and not really that steep. Perfect for people like me who loves the view at the top, but not the exhaustion from hiking. mehe~

We hiked on the last week of October. Sadly, the mountain weren't still having the autumn colors. The perfect autumn colors will be by this month, November. But it will be then a little cold hike. Not good for me. lol

Couldn't help but to sing Decode by Paramore when I saw this view. Twilight feels! Haha!

There is also a Monkey Park on the way to the top of Mt. Takao. 

This monkey couple looked so adorable and sweet ...until they started humping.

You can already enjoy this view even though you're still not at the very top of the mountain.

Amazed by that little town in the middle of mountains.

Amazing road construction.

Gotta enjoy people watching.

I love taking photos of reflections. Amazed by this view!

More reflection.

Cute dog alert! I think most of the hikers of Mount Takao had already seen this adorable dog along the way. Apparently, he always hangs out there. Hihi.

Oh these adorable dogs! If I'm also a kid, I'd also do what that little girl on the left is doing! Uhhh~ fluffehhhh!

I was also told that this is the same breed as Hachiko. Amazing!

There are also lots of temples you'll pass by during the hike.

My brother and his girlfriend, HHWH = holding hands while hiking. *says in a bitter tone* HAHAHA just kidding

And oh! I also made a very short, 34-second short video of our trip. Which just kinda turned into a couple film because of these people above. Haha. But it was also perfect because they just celebrated their 100days just a couple of weeks ago. *wink*

The reason why this is so short is because I ran out of memory. Haha. So enjoy this very short clip! :p

Ending this blog post with the most beautiful view at the top of Mount Takao! This makes the trip worth the hike. You can even see Mount Fuji because of the good weather! Just amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this post, loves!

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