Life, Lately: October 2015

10:23 AM

I haven't been a diligent blogger lately. (Well, when have I been really? loljk) On my previous post, I've told you why. That's because I've just recently moved here in Japan. And I know a lot of you guys are already waiting for my Japan stories and experiences here. But.. in reality, I know I won't be able to blog more often now that I'll be starting my work tomorrow! And I am also taking Japanese lessons every morning. So... That's why I came up with this new blog series - Life,  Lately! Where I will share my Instagram updates a.k.a snippets of my days and experiences here in Japan. 

So let's start!
Not October actually. September 28, my flight to Japan! Taking the obligatory shofie + passport shot before departure. I so love Cebu Pacific's flights to Japan, always perfect time for sunrise view. I will never get tired of this view...

Ahh~ yes. One of my first photos here in Japan this year. Ice cream! One of the most things I've missed here! Have I told you how good there are here in Japan? Lots of kinds and flavors to choose from, and they are all just so really good! *mouth waters*

Sharing random art I see at random streets in Japan. Not to be exaggerated, but there's art in every corner of Japan. Mostly weird art, but that's what makes it good.

And there's artsy walls perfect for OOTDs everywhere too! Outfit and self not ready for OOTD shots, but who cannot resist to take a shot in this beautiful looking wall with a cutesy bike included? Too bad I don't have a photographer here! Shot taken by my dad... haha

I've finally get to visit the famouse Tokyo Tower! Very giddy about this because I really love sightseeing, especially in higher grounds. Making me want to remake a Paper Town scene.. looking at all those paper people living in paper houses. lol

And this is the marvelous view! Went there pre-sunset and went out when it's dark already. So we get to enjoy the sunlight view and the night view as well! The city lights of Japan is pretty amazing.

Do you know that you can see a Tokyo Tower-looking street in Tokyo Tower? Amazing right? And it's amazing how the vehicles go through it beautifully illuminate the street!

Another good-looking wall in the neighborhood. Thanks to my dad for taking this again. Haha. Thanks for this cozy top, Glam Theme Boutique, by the way!

One of the thing I enjoy the most here in Japan is taking the trains. So convenient and getting lost is kinda fun.

A view from Odaiba at night.

Love that Japan is a balance of city and nature. My mom is so obsessed with plants, especially bonsais, so we finally decided to go to Omiya Bonsai Garden. One of the most famous bonsai gardens near Tokyo.

More sightseeing! Went to Saiko Iyashi No Sato Nenba to get a glimpse of this famous guy, Mt. Fuji! It's still not snow-capped by the time we when there which is unfortunate. But nevertheless, the place was amazing.

Nope I did not hike. Just took the ropeway to get on top of another mountain to get better view of Mount Fuji and the town nearing it. Being in this kind of place will make you realize that it's not a small world after all...

Being artsy.. Somehow?

Tokyo Dome City Attractions. Did not take a ride, but did you know that you can enter this place without an entrance fee? My classmates and I just enjoyed it by taking pictures! Haha.

Breathing in the city somewhere in Roppongi, where my brother works, and where I will soon work too! This will be my everyday view starting tomorrow.

Tonchan! A famous Korean resto here around Tokyo. Not so nakaka-guilty pig out since there's veggies, right? Hahaha 

One of the best things to do for fun here in Japan is Karaoke! Holding myself not to say 'videoke' because it's karaoke here. /lol/ See this mic? You can enjoy your karaoke night singing in this very satisfying vintage mic AND a stage! I was so feeling my spotlight there... Hahaha

Well that's all I could post for now for October! Will upload the other half next time. I hope you enjoyed this post. I will still try my best-est to find time to make a decent blog post. You can follow me on Instagram at @jamielouborile, or you can just click follow below!


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