Agora Magazine Feature: Mademoiselle Chanel

11:24 PM

Few months, actually.. more than a year had past and I'm still not done with this series. This is series is actually my savior at times that I don't have something to blog, which is happening right now. 

This blog series is a collection of photos I had for a feature in the AGORA Magazine, a non-profit online magazine dedicated to become a platform for up-and-coming Bikolano artists in the fields of Photography, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Literature, Film, Visual Arts such as Painting and Illustration, Theatre, Industrial and Interior Design and other fields of creativity.

I featured "segunda mano" clothes, also known as thrifted clothes or clothes from 'ukay-ukay,' of course, all coming from the place I grew up in, Bicol. I had 6 outfits for this feature, and this is just the third that I had blogged. (sorry)

I apologize for my hiatus! It's just that life is happening to me right now, and by life, I mean adult life. Which means getting a life, making your own money, feeding yourself, and basically, just fixing your sht. Which is haaaaard~ 

Also, living in another country away from home is hard. I don't want to write much drama, but lately, I've just been wanting to go out and work, make use of all of my time working and making money, rather than have an idle time that usually just makes me feel and realize that I'm away from home.

The struggle is real af. Can someone just send me the secret on how to adult? If you know a thing or have and idea on where I can find it, spare some love and leave it on the comment box below. Haha 

So where were we? Oh! The outfit, I was blogging about the outfit! hihi. 

So as what I've said earlier, I featured thrifted clothes in this series, and yes, head-to-toe!

For this outfit, I just spent just a little more that 600pesos, that's just about 13USD, including the shoes!

My inspiration for this ensemble is the 80s. I've always wanted to dress up like I'm from that decade. I think that's the most fashionable and colorful era the broke all the rules of being normal. Shoulder pads, neons and loud prints, ahhh~! Just a wonderful decade to be in for a fashion-lover like me. 

Here's a preview of my feature in the AGORA Magazine Volume II. If you want to view the whole magazine, just click here. And for the other outfits featured in the magazine that I had already blogged, you can see them all here.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Can't wait to have time for blogging again!

Head-to-Toe Thrifted
Corset Top: P150
Boxy Jacket: P100
Neon Skirt (worn underneath): P50
Sheer Skirt: P20
Shoes: P300

PHOTOGRAPHY by Paul Echano

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