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7:15 PM

It's been two months since I last blogged! I was shocked when I logged in to my blogger account again and found out that my blog stats isn't that bad at all. It went down, as expected, but I wasn't expecting that I'd still get numbers of reads! Thank you guys from the bottom of my kawaii heart for still supporting Spotlight on Jamie!💖

And now I'm back with a wonderful news! If you haven't heard about it yet or seen on social media, hey! I just got featured at Tumblr Radah PH Blogazine! And hey! I'm also on the cover!

『 Tumblr Radar PH (formerly known as Tumblr Magazine Philippines) is a bimonthly online blogazine that aims to discover and feature today’s bloggers, in and out of the Tumblr community. Just like the Tumblr section, “Radar,” their mission is to highlight all relevant events, unheralded artists, and bloggers of the modern culture. 』

On my feature, I was interviewed about my life in Japan and the fashion scene here.

On the other note, lovely photos on this blog post right? Ahh! I so love spring! The happiness is real when you see a sakura tree in full bloom. I have lots of sakura photos on my mac waiting to be shared. But while I still don't have much time to write about it on my blog, please feel free to enjoy the photos on my Instagram account. 
「 @jamielouborile 」

I haven't been able to share much about my life recently, so if you're interested on my recent adventures (in photos) and my thoughts about Japan, go read my feature on Radar PH!
「 link is here 」

Photos taken by any family member available and kind enough to take my photo 😂
Special thanks to James Percil for helping me put my thoughts into words
Also to Paul Echano for processing my photos for this feature
Most of all to Tumblr Radar PH for making this happen
Special mention to Dexter Balita of Radar PH

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  2. Congrats on your feature, Jamie! I love the cover a lot. Every since I learned that you're in Japan, I keep on coming back to your blog. Please update more! :)


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