The City (Life, Lately)

9:32 AM

It's been a while! I guess I'll never run out of reasons to tell you why I haven't been blogging lately. A big contributor to the reasons is thing called adult-ing...

Yea, I have lots of complaints about it! But honestly, I've been really having so much fun as well. I'm just so thankful that I'm living in Tokyo now. 10 months in Japan now, I'm kinda getting used to it. And I'm really enjoying myself in the city!

I guess I'll never get tired of looking at the bright city lights, the view of Tokyo Tower that I get to see everyday after work, having leisurely walks to the station, quick stops in Shibuya to shop, get few drinks with friends..

..catching the last train, missing the last train, finding a karaoke bar to spend the night in, catching the very first train, exploring new places, meeting new people in the city, and most importantly, knowing myself a little more.

Having been living in a small town back in the Philippines, I guess I've sheltered myself a little bit too much. Haven't been allowing myself to explore other things and make mistakes. I didn't really had a plan of living abroad back then, and now I'm really thankful that I've made this impulsive decision. 

20s.. I guess this age would really make you feel lost, depressed, alone.. but this is also the perfect era for you to explore yourself. It's the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone. To do unsafe things, and end up enjoying anyway. To put yourself out there and realize the things that you didn't know you like and dislike. 
The city, it will change you. But don't worry honey, you'll still be you. 

Photos from my Instagram account @spotlightonjamie
See my everyday life in Japan thru my Snapchat: jamielouborile

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  1. I love everything about this post ate Jamie! <3

  2. I love this blog's ending! being hiatus on your blog is normal atleast you can still manage to post photos on IG :)

  3. Love all the photos! And it's true, living away from home is exciting but it feels lonely sometimes *cries* exact feeling when I was in U.S I'm just happy that you're doing just fine. We all miss you here. Can't wait to see you #LouLouWaits

    Lou of, Steal the Style

  4. I’m so jealous of your city life over there. The last part of your post about being alone reminded me of the movie Lost in Translation. I think this age is the perfect time to explore & do what you want though without having to worry about anyone else!



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