A lot of families may face difficulties in controlling their medical expenses when an elder person is suffering from a terminal illness that is not curable. As a result, they prefer hospice services for senior citizens who are in need of medical care. Since the hospice costs are an expensive one, it is really a difficult one to manage them easily. There are several types of insurance companies which sell policies with hospice coverage to reduce the expenses. On the other hand, one should make sure that they provide maximum benefits for hospice medical services.  The Medicare supplemental plans play an important role in fulfilling the expectations of people who want to control the out of pocket expenses effectively.

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Medicare supplement plan covers hospice care to patients who are having Part A in the original medical care plan for ensuring more benefits. The Medicare’s hospice care coverage includes the following things.

  • Short-term respite care and inpatient care
  • Nursing and doctor services
  • Homemaker and hospice aide services
  • Prescription medications meant for pain relief
  • Medical equipment
  • Dietary counseling
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Doctor and nursing services

How did  Medicare supplement plans pay for hospice care?

Anyone who is undergoing hospice care in an inpatient setting can benefit a lot from Medicare supplemental plans for lowering the financial burden to a great extent. They cover limited respite care and a patient is responsible for paying 5% of the approved amount for this service. There are 10 types of plans currently available in the markets which aim at fulfilling the expectations of policyholders. The Medicare supplement plan K covers 50% of hospice care costs and the plan N covers 75% costs. However, other eight plans cover 100 % costs to hospice care thereby showing ways for reducing the expenses.


For ensuring hospice coverage benefits, a doctor should certify that a patient has only 6 months or less to live due to terminal illnesses. It is an important one to know more about the plans in detail for choosing a right one based on the choices. Most insurance companies provide guidelines to customers allowing a new customer to pick a plan depending on the needs. Some even show ways for comparing the costs of plans online making a person to buy an insurance policy at lower prices. It is advisable to read the reviews of insurance service providers before choosing a plan.