Medigap plans commonly known as Medicare Supplement Plans can be a great choice for seniors considering a plan which can pay for expenses originally not covered by their Medicare plan. With Supplement, you are offered the original benefits as well as other benefits for instance foreign country travel, extended stay in the hospital, etc. Plus, they let you pick any hospital or doctor who allows Medicare patients. Thus, you are not restricted to any specific network.


You can find ten plans in each state promoted by different firms, so the monthly premium could change by the company, however, note that the benefits will stay unchanged by letter.


Among these, Medigap plan F, G & N are considered most popular.


Plan F


The main reason why Plan F is so popular among seniors is due to the fact that it can compensate for all the gaps present within the Basic Medicare Policy, these include both outpatient & hospital deductibles. It can even compensate the twenty percent of Services Approved by Medicare which is not covered by Part B. Meaning, the beneficiaries won’t need to pay a cent each time they visit a Medicare-approved doctor.


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First three pints of blood

Part A hospital expenses & coinsurance (extended up to one year after a person has used up their Medicare benefits)

Part A deductible and co-insurance or hospice care co-payment

Part B deductibles and excess charges

Part B co-insurance/co-payment

SNF co-insurance

Emergency coverage of 80% during a foreign travel


Plan G:


Plan G covers everything mentioned under Plan F with the only exclusion being the annual deductible of Medicare Part B. The amount was $183 for the year 2017. For instance, Plan G covers all except the first $183 in expenditure when it comes to outpatient care. This is our Part-B deductible. So, the very first time someone has outpatient care during a year, they’ll pay $183 & only then Medigap Plan G will pay the rest of the costs. Ultimately, Medicare Plan will pay 80 percent of outpatient costs while the Medigap Plan pay the remaining 20 percent. In case a person requires hospitalization, the plan would pay for the hospital expenses.


The good news is, it will pay the Part A deductible amount of $1316 which you would typically owe as a result of your hospital stay. This plan will typically have lower premium as compared to Plan F. Thus, even if might need to pay Part B deductible, the premium might be quite lower.


Plan N:


Again, it covers all the benefits listed in Plan F with the exception of


Part B excess charges and deductibles