Are you a Medicare enrollee above the age of 65 and intending to relocate to another state or county? If the answer is yes, you might be asking yourself what if there are certain changes to your Medicare & what exactly you need to do to address them.  Below, we have listed different Medicare Parts & steps required if you’re relocating:


Original Medicare


For people enrolled in either Part A or B or both, you won’t need to be concerned about any changes while relocating. You simply need to replace the address & info on the file with the new one.  Since the Basic Medicare doesn’t consist of any provider networks, you can freely visit any hospital, or doctor throughout the United States that allows Medicare Enrollees.


Prescription Plan Medicare Part C and D)


People enrolled in Part C or D who are relocating outside their plan’s region of service must enroll in another plan in their new region of service. The time limit given to you to enroll in a new plan within the Special Election Term will be based on when your present plan is alerted about your relocation.


In case you inform your current plan 30 days prior to relocation, you’ll be provided a complete month as well as the next 60 days after you move for making the change. In case you inform the plan after relocating, you’ll have the month of your relocation in addition to the next 2 months for making the change.


In case you move out of the service region without enrolling in a new Advantage plan, you’ll become the enrollee of Basic Medicare automatically. If after relocating to a new address, you’re still inside the service region of your plan & are given options for a new plan, you can still enroll in a new Prescription or Advantage plan.


Medigap Plan or Medicare Supplement Plan-


In most cases, you will be able to stay with the present Supplemental plan even if you are relocating to a new county or state. The only requirement is that you continue your enrollment in the Basic Medicare Policy. Supplement plans are typically standardized all over the United States. The benefits of this plan can help you cover the costs from your chosen provider, irrespective of the county or state, as long as Medicare is accepted, but, you must still notify the Insurance provider that you’re relocating & update your info with them.